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  • Ad Overlay Anything can show your ads on top of anything, including embedded videos, images, or blocks of text. Increase your ad exposure and site revenue by placing relevant ads directly over your most important content! You may use Ad Overlay Anything as a WordPress plugin or include it directly in your own web pages without WordPress.
  • Auto Post Scheduler is a WordPress plugin that will schedule drafts to publish automatically and/or recycle old posts as new ones! No need to schedule draft times individually, and recycling old posts keeps your site looking fresh.

    Especially useful when importing a large number of posts, you can import them as drafts and have the Auto Post Scheduler publish them using whatever schedule you choose.

  • Comment Moderation Highlighter is a WordPress plugin that will highlight keywords you specify on the admin moderation page, making it easier to spot manual spam and/or troll comments.

    If your blog gets so many comments you tend to skim them during moderation, you can sometimes miss ‘manual spam’ or trollish comments. This plugin will highlight keywords you specify so certain remarks grab your attention for further review. It is useful for blogs that get numerous comments and the moderator tends to skim instead of reading each and every one.

  • Video Blogster Pro is a WordPress plugin that will fetch or schedule queries for embeddable videos from video sites like YouTube and create posts from the results. Supports numerous options for maximum flexibility. Unlimited video feeds can be defined and a scheduler will fetch the feeds automatically, keeping your site fresh with continuous new content.
  • Video Link Checker will automatically validate video links on your site whether they are embedded or not.

    It does this by extracting video IDs from each post and querying the video site APIs to ensure those IDs are still valid. This is a MUST for any video site that wants to retain their visitors and not annoy them with broken content.

  • Video Query allows sites to display live search results from the most popular video platforms – YouTube, DailyMotion, MixCloud, SoundCloud, Hulu and Vimeo. You can search channels, playlists, keyphrases – whatever you wish. You display the results in your post, page or widget however you want.

    With these live queries, you can always show the most relevant videos to your topic or even just the latest videos from a user’s channel – as embeds, images, links – whatever you want! With Video Query you can build some spectacular looking pages with video content that’s always current. No outdated or broken videos ever again!

  • WP Auto Poster is the pro version of Auto Post Scheduler. It has been completely rewritten to be easier to use, with more features, unlimited rulesets and premium support. I’m not aware of any other plugin like it. An important tool for those who want to completely automate their WordPress site.

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  1. Interesting. Among all these i love video blogster and ads overlay the most.

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