Video Query

What is Video Query?

Video Query allows sites to display live search results from the most popular video platforms. You can search channels, playlists, keyphrases, and more for up to 50 videos per element and use your own custom template to display them on your page however you wish.

With these live queries, you can always show the most relevant videos to your topic or even just the latest videos from a user’s channel – as embeds, images, links – whatever you want! With Video Query you can build some spectacular looking pages with video content that’s always current. No outdated or broken videos ever again!

Video Query can be used directly in PHP scripts or with native WordPress shortcodes that are both flexible and powerful. No customized interface or bloatware here. It’s easy to understand, easy to use and works with any theme. Even includes support for Cornerstone!

YES! Video Query works both as a WordPress plugin and standalone classes you can include in your own PHP scripts.

Live Shortcode Examples

Video Query uses the WordPress shortcode format to allow any type of query anywhere you want without learning some new custom objects or interface. The allowed parameters cover ALL possible API possibilities from any of the video sites, and with CSS support you can style the results ANY way YOU wish.

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