Video Blogster Pro updated to v1.2.0

My auto-blogging plugin for WordPress is getting better!

Started off with a big fix, and I decided to add some features as well, which led to a lot of updates. I noticed some copies were being distributed for free outside Envato so I added a license check. I just want to support those who support the plugin. I’m thankful everyone seems very happy with their purchase. I also wanted to include some new video site modules but considering the holidays it might take another few weeks, so I released v1.2.0 today.

== Changelog ==

= 1.2.0 =

* Updated documentation and moved it online.
* Added Utility Function: Remove Trash Images.
* Utility function values now saved and used by Scheduler.
* Added Process Option: Process videos retroactively (those imported v 1.2+).
* Bugfix: Apply template tag %VideoImage% in post excerpt if used.
* Vimeo: Added video user->name to VideoAssociation.
* Hulu: Added video show-name to VideoAssociation & tags.
* DailyMotion: Added video owner.username to VideoAssociation.
* Added new meta keys: VideoFeed, VideoOrigTitle, VideoOrigDesc, VideoImage, VideoUrl.
* YouTube: Check and skip when a ‘Deleted Video’ is returned by the API.
* Moved ‘Remove all URLs’ option to occur before ‘Limit video description’.
* Additional validation on custom update checker.
* Added minimum WordPress and PHP version check on activation.
* Added Envato license check. Support is for customers not warez sites.
* Bugfix: option ‘Limit title/desc by chars’ reworked to support multi-lined desc.
* Show the image url if a WP error message occurs in grab_thumbnail().

video blogster pro

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