About Me

sxm horseMy name is John Holt and I’m a software engineer and web designer in Vero Beach, Florida, and Super Blog Me is a space where I can brainstorm my ideas on WordPress development, interface design and other things I do with my life.

I like to solve problems, so computers were a natural attraction. The amount of new possibilities computers have opened up for us is staggering. I want to be part of the digital evolution, every step of the way.


Random things about me

  1. I was born and raised in New Hampshire. The fall foliage is beautiful. Winter slush – not so much.
  2. I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to problems and puzzles.
  3. I am not spontaneous. I am a planner. I have to-do lists.
  4. I prefer mountains over oceans.
  5. I don’t like to cook but I do like to eat.
  6. I have a powerful attraction to sugar that is hard to resist, especially brownies.
  7. I am a teetotaler. I do not drink alcohol, but I’ll force myself on special occasions.
  8. I’ve tried learning three foreign languages with dismal results. I remember my first lesson: ‘agricola’ means ‘farmer’ in Latin.
  9. I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science, but I’ve learned the most by doing.
  10. I own a timeshare on the Las Vegas strip I bought on eBay. I go just about every year.
  11. I enjoy playing video games that involve strategy, planning and problem solving.
  12. I’m 6 feet tall. That’s 2 meters.
  13. I played baseball as a kid. That’s how bored I was.
  14. I enjoy reading, and ditched almost my entire library of books once I bought my first e-reader.
  15. I’m very laid back and open-minded. I only get mad when my girlfriend tries to get me mad ‘just to see’. That’s maddening.
  16. I’m a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes. Who isn’t?


  1. Just installed Video Blogster Lite and it made my day. It’s great visiting your blog. Please tell your girlfriend that programmers don’t have time for non-programming madness.

  2. anyone who is a fan of calvin & hobbes most probably likes doonesbury…a forgotten art…

    video lite plug in great. silly question: do you have a simple plug (anyone you developed or recommend) that does the same for news stories. I am stumbling through the wilderness of WP and have not found anything that is simple like your video lite plugin

  3. Hello John

    I am Lemburis from Tanzania and like very much “Auto Post Scheduler plugin”, work great and efficiently probably more than many commercial plugins although not updated in more than 3 years ago.
    You mentioned that you prefer mountains than oceans, YES, in Tanzania we have Kilimanjaro, tallest peak in Africa and highest in the World when it come to standalone peaks. When one day you plan to climb the mountain outside US think of Kilimanajro

  4. Man! I have been looking for a directory theme like yours forever!!

    I hope you will keep it up to date man and if you ever quite someone is there as back up 🙂

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